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Very Public Theater

This is not a theater review per se but yes, you should definitely go to see a production of the The Good Person of Szechwan. It’s Bertolt Brecht updated, Brecht on steroids. It’s phenomenal – in New York now, produced by The Foundry Theatre Company and playing at The Public Theater.
Interesting new twist – they distributed the programs after the show. I guess they wanted people to pay attention and also not litter. It worked.
In the comfort of my living room I read the program and was astounded to see something i believe I have never seen before. In the program was printed the line-by-line operating budget of the production! Printed creatively on what looks like a torn cash register receipt. So transparent…took my breath away.
Across the top it is written…”THE TRUTH IS CONCRETE.” This quote was written above Brecht’s desk quoting Lenin quoting Hegel quoting Augustin. Now we have philosophical back-up for a most unlikely 21st century occurrence – truth-telling and transparency from a social sector organization. Doesn’t that kind of public information make you want to be a donor? Even if you don’t like Brecht?! You gotta love The Public Theater and the Foundry Theatre Company for having the guts to make this kind of choice in truth-telling. I applaud them. As a nonprofit leader, what do you think about sharing your financial information and becoming a Good Person of Philanthropy?

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